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SWISSCAD provides CAD management softwares and services.

What we do

Develop new solutions to manage and share CAD files.
Assist customers to integrate CAD files in there current processes and databases.
Conceive and implement CAD standards.
Develop softwares for any specific tasks related to CAD.

CAD files management
Managing CAD data can be a complex task, due to the nature of the data and the variety of users.
SWISSCAD offers two solutions to manage CAD files, CADORG and XCAD.
Our solutions are suitable for small firms as well as for large compagnies or administrations.

CAD standards implementation
SWISSCAD has conceived official CAD standards for various administrations and companies in Switzerland.
Our solid knowledge of CAD datas and 20 years of experience in the construction business help us to quickly focus on most important issues when conceiving new standards.
Do you need to bring all your CAD drawings to a common standard and share them ?
XCAD is our server specifically designed for this task.
Using XCAD is easy to use, allowing Internet access to standardized CAD data.

Facility Management
XCAD, our CAD files exchange server integrates a Facility management module.
This solution makes it possible to manage room surfaces directly with original CAD files.